Ladies' Soccer Coach Is The Picture of a Champion



You'd never hear
the words coming from DC alumna Jessica Orme herself, but the Lady
Warrior soccer coach is truly a successful and impactful coach. When her
team steps on the field for the first game of the season on August 22,
she will be celebrating her twenty-fourth year as a coach for Dayton Christian in a career in which she has earned over 200 wins and has had over 24 players go on to play collegiate soccer.
Last year the team placed second in the Metro Buckeye Conference and
earned the runner-up spot in the Ohio High School Athletic Association
District Championship. 

I stopped by practice one afternoon to talk to her athletes, but I
didn't catch them doing drills or running their requisite daily mile.
They were listening to Orme talk about leadership. They had to decide
who would captain their team this year, and she was telling them that a true leader is a servant and referred them to the scene of Christ washing the disciples' feet.

Clearly, Orme has more on her mind than producing soccer
championships or collegiate athletes. And the proof is evident when you
talk to her players.

"She has a relationship with everyone on the team," said junior Julia Schindler. "She's a good leader and a good role model for us."

"She leads us spiritually, not just in soccer, but in every aspect of life," said sophomore Brooke Darkow.

Girls talk of her support and encouragement towards them, and she expects them to show the same to each other as well. Each girl is assigned a prayer partner to encourage both on and off the field.

One has to wonder why such a successful coach decides to remain loyal
to Dayton Christian year after year when another school could easily
lure her away to play for more money or a bigger division – but the
answer to that question is easy for Orme.

"I love DC. I love the girls. It's so much more about them than it is about money or even soccer.Getting
to help them grow closer to Christ as a team and as individuals, and
seeing them grit it out on the field and strengthening their character
is incredibly rewarding."