Kayla Ogburn Heads to US Soccer Training Center



Seventh grader Kayla Ogburn will be participating at the U.S. Soccer
Training Center in Wilder, Kentucky this evening in an event that could
qualify her for truly elite competition within the league. The purpose
of the camp is to identify players with Youth National Team potential,
which means, ultimately, that Ogburn could end up at the 2019 U17 World
Cup or in pre-Olympic training.

who has been playing soccer since she was four, spends five or six days
a week either in training or playing and may be well on her way to a
soccer career, but it is her Christian testimony that would most impress
our DCS family.

"She eats, breathes, and sleeps soccer," said her mother, Tiffany
Ogburn, "but it is her character on the field that her father and I are
most proud of. She represents what Dayton Christian is and what DC hopes
to instill in student athletes in an arena outside of the school."

Having interviewed Ogburn myself, I would have to concur.

Not only does she write Proverbs 3:5-6 (her life verse) on her arm
before each game to remind herself to trust God, she has been praying
that His will be done at this event and in the future.

"I feel good (about going to the training center)," said Ogburn.
"I've prayed about it a long time – that His will would be done."

"Even if I don't go on to the next phase, I will learn a lot and I'll
be happy," she added. "If I do move on, it will be an even greater
honor from God."

So, DCS family, let's be in prayer for Kayla as she participates tonight!