Football Players Pray for the Other Team



You wouldn't think twice about football players stopping to express
concern when one of their players is down on the field with an injury,
but watching a team rally together to pray for the OTHER team's player
is an amazing moment. That is exactly what happened during the Dayton
Christian Warrior football game against Hillcrest Academy on Friday

During a kick-off, the kick returner for Hillcrest was hit and a time-out was called.

"He was injured," said Coach Ken Moyer, "and the players prayed while he received medical attention."

A group led by senior Sam Griswold initiated the prayer.

"That's what we hope they would do," said Moyer. "Part of the Way of
the Warrior (a character program that challenges DCS football players to
live lives of authentic godly manhood) is that they have to follow
Jesus and take action. The team last Friday saw that there was action to
be taken – to pray – and they did it. That speaks to the heart and
character of our football team."

Good work, Warrior football team. We are proud of you! Congratulations as well on your 49-20 win over Hillcrest Academy!