Victory On and Off the CC Course


CC JerseyA story too good to let slip by unnoticed…

Following a successful Pre-Season Cross Country meet on Saturday,
August 15, Coach Preston and Coach Nelson took some of the team out for
dinner. They were going to treat the kids but as they were finishing up,
a man approached Coach Preston and handed him his bill and said “Here, I
have something for you and want you to pay my bill, too.” He quickly
turned and walked out. Under his bill was $100 cash – while his bill was
only $12 –  so it was enough to pay for most of the bill for 13 people
at a buffet dinner! God was clearly working in this truck driver’s heart
as he observed a team representing our school. He did not ask them how
they did in their meet – what impressed him was their character. Coach
Nelson said, “I didn’t realize how much our team stood out with 13 of
them coming in all wearing uniforms and coaches shirts. Thank God for
this man who’s heart was touched in ways that we didn’t get a chance to
fully understand.”