Pitching rule should bring offense back in fastpitch


Three feet could make a mile of difference on the softball diamond this spring.

This season, the Ohio High School Athletic Association is adopting a new pitching rule which moves the mound from 40 to 43 feet, the same distance used in the college game.

The National Federation of State High School Associations approved the rule in the summer of 2009, and Ohio changed its rule after last season.

It could mean big changes in the game this season.

It puts the offense into the game, so you better be able to throw and catch and make the routine plays.

This summer, many area players competed at the new distance to get ready for the upcoming season.

Although the distance was changed to bring more offense into the game, don’t expect coaches to stop manufacturing runs. The bunt game will still be in effect with many teams, especially given the extra three feet the pitcher will have to cover bunts.

Many coaches believe the new distance will make for an exciting season.