New foe could aid Dayton Christian


A win over Bishop Ready means more points for Warriors in state ranking.
In an unusual scheduling move that caused a frantic Tuesday afternoon, the Dayton Christian football team switched Friday opponents while improving its schedule.

The Warriors (7-1) were slated to play Oyler, a Division VI team from Cincinnati Public Schools, until Oyler called Tuesday morning and canceled the game. Dayton Christian Athletic Director Brad Pompos spent Tuesday searching for a new opponent, and he found Bishop Ready, a D-IV Columbus school.

Bishop Ready had an open date on Friday, and it will host Dayton Christian at Hilliard Bradley High School.

“It was a stressful day, I can tell you that,” Pompos said.

Meanwhile, DC set itself up for a possible Harbin points boost. The Warriors stand No. 10 in D-V, Region 20, and the top eight teams in each region make the playoffs. Points positions are assisted by wins against teams with higher win totals.

Oyler is 1-6, meaning it would’ve been almost no help in Harbin points with a DC win. Bishop Ready is 4-4, so a Dayton Christian victory could give the Warriors a bump.

Dayton Christian will close the season against Troy Christian (1-7) in Week 10.

DC coach Rick Bostater, who works during the day in Cincinnati, faced quick changes to his game and practice plans because of the opponent change and Wednesday’s rainy weather. One of Bostater’s assistant coaches, who is retired, drove to trade game film with the Bishop Ready coaches on Wednesday morning, scrapping the Oyler preparation coaches produced last Saturday.

Then, it rained. Because Dayton Christian doesn’t have a gymnasium in the school, Bostater arranged for classrooms to do Bishop Ready study on white boards and a multipurpose room to get at least some athletic work in for the day.

However, as Bostater noted, Bishop Ready doesn’t stand in any better position, as it expected to be off this Friday. Its players had Monday off, he said.

“We’re all scrambling,” Bostater said.

Coaches have at least one motivational card to play. The first year Dayton Christian was a varsity program, in 2004, the Warriors hosted Bishop Ready for their homecoming game. Bishop Ready pounded them 70-10.

“So there’s a little emotional material to work with there,” Bostater said.

Part of Dayton Christian’s scheduling difficulty comes from its league affiliation. The Metro Buckeye Conference, which will disband after this season, has five football-playing members, meaning DC has to find six nonconference games. That’s particularly difficult later in the season, when most teams are facing the heart of their league schedules.

So far this season, the Warriors’ non-league opponents have a combined record of 10-38. That hurts DC in its regional points standings.

Many area football teams are working on the edge of playoff races, but none faced the circumstances the Warriors endured this week while trying to make the postseason for the first time.

“We’re just doing Monday and Tuesday work over again,” Bostater said. “It’s a little bit of a different situation for everybody.”