Metro Buckeye Runs Well at Regionals


One team and 8 individual runners qualified to race at the Regional Cross Country meet on Oct. 22nd. Everyone ran well on the day. Kyle Klingler of Troy Christian paced his race very well, never dropping out of the top 15 places. He put in a solid kick in the last 800 meters to capture 8th place, and punch his first ticket to the State meet. “Kyle has worked really hard this year, and he has never taken his focus off qualifying for State. We are all proud of the race he ran today, and look forward to supporting him at State this year.” Stated Coach Jeff McDaniel.
Bethany Norman of Xenia Christian took off with her standard fast start, then hung with the top packs throughout the race. She didn’t back down in the final sprint to the finish and qualified for State in 9th place. “Bethany has put in a lot of miles this year. This will be her 3rd trip to the State meet, and she is excited to race at a new location. She was also very proud of how her girls team did at this Regional meet.” commented Coach Norman.
The Xenia Christian girls team ran well with the top 3 girls finishing in 9th, 23rd, and 36th place. As a team the took 8th place and scored better than had been expected. “Half the team is made up of freshman, and the experience of racing at Regionals has been invaluable to them. I am truly excited to see what this team will develop into next year.” Stated Coach Jim Preston.
The other Regional qualifiers placed : Lois Miller of Yellow Spring 27th, Megan Ball of Emmanuel Christian 58th, Drew Riggle of Xenia Christian 28th, Wes Haney of Emmanuel Christian 39th, Micah Bragg of Emmanuel Christian 77th, and Grant Albrecht of Dayton Christian 75th.