MVS Senior Sawh


Name: Neil Sawh

School: The Miami Valley School

Parent(s) or Guardian(s) Name(s): Shailendra Sawh and Naveena Sallapudi

Athletic Endeavors in High School: Soccer

Scholastic and/or Community Endeavors: Class Government Treasurer/Secretary, Yearbook Co-Editor, Robotics Team member, 3D Printing Club Counselor, and IBIP team member.

Future Plans: I plan to attend UCSD this fall, where I will major in biology. Eventually, I hope to either go into researching biotechnology or become a doctor with a private practice. 

I would like to thank Coach Kissinger, Coach Berkowitz, and Coach Klemowitz for teaching and directing me for the last four years. My teammates made every season enjoyable with recurring jokes and antics, but also through our team spirit (like during halftime talks and every team huddle). I’d especially like to thank our Athletic Trainer Katie for helping me with my tendonitis for the last two seasons. Even though I wanted to play more, Katie kept me from doing possibly permanent damage, so I’m grateful for that.