YS Senior Tebbe



Name: Ivy Tebbe

School: Yellow Springs Highschool and Greene County Career Center

Parent(s) or Guardian(s) Name(s): Sherry McDowell and Rick Tebbe 

Athletic Endeavors in High School: Track and Cross Country since Freshman year, 2017.

Scholastic and/or Community Endeavors: Attending Columbus State Community College, majoring in design and visual communications. 

Future Plans: Becoming a graphic designer in Columbus, specializing in multimedia art and animation. Producing my own music. Creating my own graphic novel or comic book.   

I want to express my appreciation to Yellow Springs Highschool and Greene County Career Center. Both have helped me grow as a person and express my creativity. I want to thank all of my teachers, but some of the most memorable from Yellow Springs Highschool are Ms.Materne, Mrs. Eguaroge, and Mr.Comstock. I want to thank them for their wisdom, patience, and acceptance. I want to thank the friends who didn’t become strangers when I took a leap and joined the Greene County Career Center. If I hadn’t taken the chance, I wouldn’t have met so many more people from all different backgrounds, I wouldn’t have met the wonderful teachers from the career center. My Digital Media teacher, Mr.Mack helped me gain confidence in my artistic abilities, he pushed for me to pursue my true passions. I want to thank Coach Gudgel, Coach Isabel, and Coach Peter especially for helping me find confidence and become a strong runner. They didn’t let me give up. When I joined the Greene County Career Center, I lost connections with some of my old friends from Yellow Springs, but in track and cross country, I was able to still see the people I cared about. Cross country taught me patience, teamwork, and resilience. Track taught me to push myself, set goals, and never give up. Thank you to my teammates. I want to thank my parents for being supportive of me in sports and school. Highschool has so much to bring, so much to teach you. Hold tight to the ones who care about you, move forward from the struggles, and breathe in the fresh air when you get the chance. In the words of David Bowie, a huge inspiration to me and my music, “I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring”.