TC Tkach




Name:  Aiden Tkach
School:  Troy Christian High School
Parent(s) or Guardian(s):  Jeff and Karyn Tkach
Athletic Endeavors in High School:  Cross Country and Track & Field
Scholastic and/or Community Endeavors:  Honor roll for three years of high school.  Served in my local church, went on mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Gatlinburg.  Served people in my community like Target Dayton
Future Plans:  For my job, I plan to become an architect.  Then, further down the line, I plan to travel around the world and see different cultures, people, and FOODS.  

Thank you to Coach Jeff McDaniel.  Coach McDaniel was my cross country and track coach throughout my junior high and high school running career.  He has been a mentor and role model for all of us.